Tuesday, 19 July 2005

Those Carlsberg ads

Random thought: the point of the "no such thing as a quiet beer" Carlsberg ads they show before movies seems to be "Everytime you're about to get lucky, don't open a Carlsberg, otherwise some asses will barge their way into your life".

the one dude who is drinking alone in his bedroom cracks me up. chee hong kia that he is, he naturally lets the hot babes in first while the buddies wait uncomfortably.
probably the worst beer campaign in the world. and carlsberg tastes shitty anyhow.

I thought it was a little warped at first, but works rationally if you consider "Carlsberg is better than getting lucky". The look of disappointment on the intended "lucky" recipient perhaps adds a tinge of dark humour.

Regardless of any further justification, it deserved a mention in dsng.net, which is an accomplishment in itself. When you get people talking about an ad (and invariably the product), I think an ad has acheived its aim. Pervasiveness is key! :P

Nice take on it; I never saw the point of the ads. Personally don't know anyone who drinks Carlsberg by choice and the club I frequent serves only that on tap. Damn!

Whatever happened to "Come Up To Carlsberg... You've Come a Long Way", with some random Nordic beauty strolling in from the beach? That was a masterpiece of subtlety.

igaku - as the others' posts seem to show though, everyone knows the ads, but noone has changed their opinion of the beer because of them! :)

For that matter, there aren't many ads that make me change my opinions about the product being advertised anyway. I'd have to think long and hard to name any.

The Nordic beauty beach-strolling ads were extremely cheesy in my opinion! But I suppose that's irrelevant, since I don't drink beer. And if it works for you and other male beer drinkers, then it's fine.

Yeah, "masterpiece of subtlety" was meant to be ironic. I can't say those ads have ever made me want to drink beer.

No, it could be "if you're about to get lucky, drink Carlsberg and you can have a mass orgy"

Though the one with the old auntie with curlers in her hair's quite disgusting...

What a relief, Daryl ;)

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