Monday, 18 July 2005


Tom Coates writes about the stoic manner in which Londoners have responded to the bombings. Quintessentially British: "We're going to make it absolutely clear once and for all that this is a city that has been burned to the ground, ravaged by Plague and bombed to hell and will not be moved by these terrorists. And then we're going to get on with our lives. As normal. Full Stop."

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I don't doubt that. The English have been combating terrorism for decades... Just hope that they won't call on the SAS to assasinate them buggers a la IRA era.

Surely you mean that you hope the SAS WILL assasinate them buggers a la IRA era?

I think London is fortunate that it's economy isn't totally dependant on the tourist Bali and Phuket.

indcoup: Nono... This will embroil the govt in scandal and controversy and denial... although I will wanna lay my hands on those who does tt to my own ppl. But I don't deny it is wrong and doing so brings us to their level of 'civilized' enlightenment.

My thoughts are with the ppl of London. My friend inexplicably was late that same morning, and missed the Liverpool bus by 10 min. By a lucky twist of fate, he was spared. So yah, my prayers are with the city and victims.

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