Takeru Kobayashi, All-World Conquerer

For the fifth year, Kobayashi utterly destroyed all competition to win the annual Fourth of July hot-dog eating championship - 49 hot dogs, 12 minutes. Slightly off his 53.5 dogs last year, but still, the man's a legend. And check out the fact that he still has those abs:

As expected, tiny Sonya Thomas, all of 105 lbs, came in 2nd (37 hot dogs). I don't know what it is with these two East Asian folks dominating competitive eating, although apparently Kobayashi drinks something to "clear the system".

The IOC's in town to select the site of the 2012 Olympics - now if competitive eating could get on the menu of Olympic sports maybe Singapore would stand a chance at winning some medals... My own personal record would either be the time I ate 5 lobsters (yeah, pitiful compared to Thomas' 38) or the time I ate 40 McNuggets and a plate of fried rice. Some guy in the army said he'd buy me another pack of 20 another time if I could finish off 20 McNuggets, but after 20 I was still hungry. And after 40 I was still hungry. Hence the fried rice. All washed down with 5 Cokes. Mmmm.

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Elia Diodati said…
What a coincidence, I happened to be in town to watch it live :) I must tell you though, competitive eating is NOT fun to watch live. Not when ESPN's extensive coverage includes close-up cams that really let you see what exactly they are eating.

BTW, "Black Widow" Thomas only weighed in at 99 lbs at the start of the competition. Oh, and she set a new Women's world record you know.

The other contestants are not so famous but still champions in their own right. Memorable titles include "World Fried Asparagus Eating Champion" (was it 6.5 lbs in 12 min?), "World Butter Eating Champion" (ugh) and "World Lettuce Eating Champion" (the only competitive healthy food)...

Oh, and Coney Island hot dogs don't have that disgusting meat sauce they serve on A&W's Coney dogs.
Anonymous said…
Nice idea, food olympics. The Battle of th Bulge! czar < http://starsi.blogdrive.com >
Unknown said…
Kobayashi again? But he is amazing! The way he eat is as if he has an endless gut.
Anonymous said…
Although he almost lost in the Krystal burger eating contest, the Tsunami is still the most dominant eater ever!

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