Linksfest: I do not want what I haven't got... oh wait, I do

Sundays were meant for leisure reading...
  • Grammar.police on American Apparel's CEO Dov Charney's hands-on approach... and we mean hands-on. (Here are the American Apparel models, for people who just want to gawk.)
  • New Razr phone coming up, the "Q". I still want the Sony Ericsson K750i, the one with the autofocus camera.
  • Nick Hornby interviews Bruce Springsteen. I tend to agree with TMFTML, footnotes aren't really the best style for Hornby.
  • Since we're talkin' about the Boss, that brings to mind "Thunder Road", which brings to mind Thunder Road, which is a film mentioned in the nice long feature on director Jim Jarmusch in today's New York Times Magazine. Here's a good quote: "Throughout his life, he has courted and cultivated influences and mentors, and though many of his mentors have now died, they seem to float around his brain like wise, stubborn, pontificating ghosts. 'I really miss Joe Strummer,'' he said. ''Even though he's dead, I still get advice from him. He's very good at telling you to stick to your guns. I have Nick Ray, Sam Fuller and Joe - I have some great spirits when I need guidance. I hear William Burroughs a lot, too, but I don't really want to listen to his advice.'"


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