Mixtape: Music for the Melancholy

There are some days when all you want out of your playlists is melancholy, when you want the drums to hit in slow, when you neither want music to soothe or to heighten, but just to be there, to articulate for you. Which is to say, there are some days when what you want are the tones of Al Green in "For the Good Times":
"Blow softly against my window pane late at night
Make believe you love me one more time
For the good times".
Ain't nothing like the Reverend's voice. Some other good songs for my melancholic mixtape:
Moby "Why Does My Heart Feel So Bad?"
Solomon Burke "Got to Get You Off My Mind"
The Velvet Underground "Pale Blue Eyes"
Elliott Smith "Miss Misery"
Emmylou Harris "You Don't Know Me" (still looking for a recording of the Robert Downey Jr. version from Two Girls and a Guy)
And I still say the more I listen to Outkast's "Hey Ya!", the sadder the lyrics seem.

Oh, speaking of Two Girls and a Guy reminds me of the time a few of us were having a Fiction Board meeting at the Harvard Advocate building, and then James Toback (director of said film) comes in with these two huge bodyguard types. Apparently he was in town to promote Black and White, and he decided to come by the building where he'd spent part of his college days. Then he proceeded to ramble to us strangers about life, the universe, and everything, while the beefy bodyguards just stood around. Bizarre.

Back on point: in Blaise Pascal's immortal quote lies verbal sustenance - The heart has its reasons, of which reason knows nothing.

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Anonymous said…
anything with velvet underground's pale blue eyes would make a fantastic mixtape. but that is an amazing tracklist =)
Daryl said…
Thanks sultry!
Anonymous said…
i prefer to think of it as being melancholy =)

ah. but they're all euphemisms really.

and yes, i am sultry_nights but i figured that it sounded weird and i do understand that they're two faiths here.

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