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Queue at Bloggers.SG

So Bloggers.SG 2005, the first Singaporean bloggercon, went off quite well... the above pic is of the queue to enter the club. A queue! That we were not expecting. It was really great to see a random germ of an idea turn into a big shebang with proper speakers and bellydancers and sponsorship and all... And the fireworks at the end of it all were awesome! (Thank you, National Day Parade rehearsals!)

As those of you who attended know, I sadly was mobilised in the middle of the conference and had to rush back home to throw on a uniform, grab my gear, and report to Selarang Camp. Which meant I had to pass up the chance to moderate a legal panel which, by all accounts, went great. I hope those of you who were in attendance had your questions answered, and your answers questioned.

It was great fun helping to organise the thing, and also great fun putting faces to the blog names. Thanks to those of you who stopped by to say hi - always good to know someone reads this blog, I appreciate it.

More 2005 photos

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Sivasothi said…
Hey Daryl, one of the Raffles Museum volunteer guides at the Passir Panjang Heritage Trail found himself scampering to Selarang today as well!

He was not informed (updating MiW with his new handphone number didn't help; no one was at home).

Luckily a friend called and he made it with 5 mins to spare!

Grat to hear was a success!
Steven Sim said…
Finally something substantial from Sg...not the conference, but your blog. Ever since Adrianna, i haven't found had such good time reading an sg blog.

Keep up there Neighbour

Anonymous said…
Nice to finally see some photos. :)

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