Pirates of the Caribbean casting - ARRR!

Avast ye maties! There's an open casting call for extras for Pirates of the Caribbean II and III in LA this Saturday:
Extreme characters and hideously unattractive types, ages 18-50. Odd body shapes or very lean to extremely skinny. Missing teeth, wandering eyes and serial killer looks with real long hair & beards. Wigs & makeup are not what we're looking for. We also need little people, very large sumo wrestler types, extremely tall or extremely short people, albinos, amputees. Any size or shape that is NOT average is best. All ethnicities. Mostly men, very few women.

Asian Men & Women:
We need tons of Asian people of all ages and types to play Townspeople, Shopkeepers, Prostitutes, Pirates etc. All shapes, sizes and ages over 18.

(Link via Indri, whom I'm ripping off this week)
I love how they're all very specific about the way the pirate extras should look and then for the other types of extras they just go "oh, any random Asian will do". "Yeah, we really need you to look like a freak, otherwise you won't be in the film... oh wait, you're Chinese, ah, that's good enough."

And who will answer a casting call that asks for "serial killer looks"? I mean, do people really go, "hey.... that's me they're talking about!"? (Oops... in reading Indri's entry further I realised she made the same joke. Jinx!)

Albinos, amputees, sumo wrestlers, little people - the casting call could very well look like a scene from .


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