A big hello

By the way, thanks to all those who I met at Saturday's bloggercon, 'twas nice to put faces to the blog handles. So, in alphabetical order, a big hello to Amy, Faith, Faith (whose blog seems especially personal so perhaps I won't link), Grace, Sandra, Scarlett, Sheena, Terz, Tym, and Zhiyang. Um, if I missed you out, I do apologise - just leave a comment and I'll get right on it. Thanks for coming to our humble li'l affair. Same time next year?

Incidentally, a potential explanation for fellow panellist Mr Miyagi's lateness can be found in Japan Today:

Miyagi headline

Ah, blood, drowning, and you still managed to show up pristinely dressed. You are indeed a cunning man, Mr Miyagi. Wax on, wax off.

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Anonymous said…
Finally able to put a face to the editors of tomorrow.sg

Got to know the other side of some of the popular bloggers in Singapore and found out that you guys are friendly and not attention-whoring like what some of them make you people out to be
Daryl said…
fayeth - yeah there's another Faith too! :) And I'll never live down the "brainiest scholar" tag. Really good to see you that day though!

chin - thanks! Um, can I just be your friendly neighbourhood attention whore? :)
Anonymous said…
thanks dude. nice that you thought of that. i guess i'm not prepared for cyberspace to scrutinize me (yet). wait till i get to canada. i won't care cos i'm so far away =)
Sheena said…
It was great meeting you too Daryl, thanks for putting in the effort to help organise the Con for all of us!

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