Havaianas Cartunistas

The current pair of sandals I'm using dates back to forever - so I bought a pair of Havainas flip-flops. Fun-looking huh?


Anonymous said…
wahhhhhhh........ so happening ar!!!! and this coming from a stuffy civil servant?? :P

Anonymous said…
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Anonymous said…
This is cute. I have a pair in pink hearts. =)
Daryl said…
Yeah... I figured pink hearts aren't really my thing.

yl - well, I'll end up wearing them mainly to walk from the front door to the gate to collect pizza when the deliveryman comes - hardly very happening :)
Anonymous said…
Why not get a new pair of havaianas? They have the new 2007 Havaianas out check them out !!
Anonymous said…
havaianas are the best ..

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