The American remake of "The Office"

Having just watched the clips on NBC's website, I would say the American remake of "The Office" looks like an awful idea. For one, it's too shiny. By this I mean - the clips have a certain overly polished sheen, whereas the original version had that brilliantly awkward mockumentary feel to it. And for another, it just seems to be trying too hard to hammer in the "office life is terrible" theme. Of course, you can't judge a show by a few clips, but this does not look promising for a show whose original incarnation I love.

I'm no Britcom snob - anyone who knows comedic history can see the American antecedents in "The Office" (This is Spinal Tap, clearly). But the American remakes of "Coupling" and "Men Behaving Badly" were terrible. And they were on NBC too, if I recall correctly...

So Google gets it right:

Hell yeah, I meant "the office" BBC.


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