Closer to Fine

Got my eyes checked on Thursday - the Neuro-Vision thing that I blogged about seems to have worked. I'm down to 6/5 vision in the left eye and 6/9 in the right, which means effectively with both my eyes open I'm at 6/5. Good stuff. Who'd imagine that staring at a computer screen could improve vision? And the concept of being better than 6/6 (that's 20/20 for those Americans among you) is weird but cool. Just call me Hawkeye.


Anonymous said…
Awesome stuff! Does it work for severely myopic people like me? 425 each eye...
Badaunt said…
I got all hopeful until I read 'low levels of myopia'. Bummer. Without my contact lenses/glasses I have trouble locating the screen, let alone training my brain to see what's on it. (Well, not quite that bad, but...)

But reading your previous entry (re the reference to trepanation) it occurred to me that you might enjoy this book:
Daryl said…
Oops. Should've mentioned in this post that unfortunately, you do need to have eyesight better than -2.00 in each eye. Sorry folks!
Anonymous said…
Bummer indeed. Maybe this technology will catch up with people suffering from more serious myopia some day.

Haha, Hawkeyes. Love M*A*S*H and missing it. Reminds me of my time in 20SA as a "drafted" medic:D(yeah, same as Wenjie)

Nice blog btw. Interesting too. Keep blogging man.

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