Sunday, 20 February 2005

Dogs playing poker

If "The Gates" wasn't your kind of art, maybe this might be:

But only if you pony up 590 grand at auctions! Ouch. Why not buy a nice reproduction?

hey this is a great blog i just found through a google search for dog-blogs of all things! it seems that your site is about much more... i have a friend over at who paints artwork about dogs, and just started a blog of sorts. Do you have any suggestions about how to find a "community" of other dog-loving-bloggers?
Anway, interesting post about trends in naming. I'll check back in - take care,

Try Puptastic, that's a great dog blog.

Great posts. I've compiled names for dogs in a DB, it's an ongoing project, I'm taking comments and explanations. Any help you can let me have would be great, maybe you know the meaning of some Chinese names?

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