Virtual girlfriends

Now I see where the money is in rolling out all these 3G mobile phones... virtual girlfriends! I think it's funny that the virtual girlfriend sounds fairly high maintenance:
Vivienne likes to be taken to movies and bars. She loves to be given virtual flowers and chocolates, and she can translate six languages if you travel overseas. She never undresses, although she has some skimpy outfits for the gym, and is a tease who draws the line at anything beyond blowing kisses.

If you marry her in a virtual ceremony, you even end up with a virtual mother-in-law who really does call you in the middle of the night on your cellphone to ask where you are and whether you have been treating her daughter right.
Are there really people who would go for this? I guess having "Vivienne" around as a translator might be useful, but otherwise, are people really into paying to get a haranguing mother-in-law? Somehow I don't think that's what most men fantasise about.

Edit: the article also says "she is now scheduled to become available, so to speak, in Singapore and Malaysia by the end of April". Ah, us Singaporeans - early adopters of fake girlfriends.

Tangential link: South China Morning Post article on Vivienne.


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