EU-ASEAN anti-spam initiative

The EU and ASEAN recently signed an accord to clamp down on spam, according to EUbusiness:
At an EU-ASEAN conference in London this week, the EU's 25 member states and 13 Asian partner countries agreed notably to boost legal tools to fight spam as well as constantly seek new technical means of blocking the unwanted mails.
Buried in that article was this nugget:
The EU commission cited experts' estimates that 20 percent of global spam - typically involving bulk marketing or pornographic offers - originates in in China and South Korea alone.
It's times like this that I'm glad I don't have the Asian fonts installed on my computer - every so often I get an e-mail from an unknown person that's just goobledygook. From the few things I can make out I presume it's Chinese spam, but hey, I can't buy what I can't read, yeah?


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