Linksfest: Packed and Ready to Go

Here's the secret to getting your lift to go into express mode. Otis only, apparently. And here's a playlist of every free song in the iTunes music store. Okay, that just means songs below 30 seconds in length. (Via Jason Barrow.)

Queer Eye for the Reporter Gal
: how come Superman's super vision doesn't come with fashion sense? That red-and-blue outfit really doesn't work.

Singaporean band Soul'D Out keeps a blog. Good to see blogs here expanding into different spaces - promotion, that sort of thing... speaking of soul power, here's Ultimate Christian Wrestling.

How to tidy your kitchen and inflict pain on your enemies at the same time (lots of well-designed stuff to look at)... since I'm also jonesing for good type design, here's the free font blog, including Kontrapunkt, which I linked to before.

And Halle Berry is a good sport.


Anonymous said…
Soul'd Out are a great band!! What do you think?

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