Dog blogs, plus the I look like my dog "contest"

I've just discovered Puptastic, another dog blog, and learnt the following disturbing facts:

1. The dog most likely to eat you when you're dead is the Dachshund. Beware the hot dog!

2. Some people look a lot like their dogs. A lot. But only if they own pedigrees. Actually, I've heard about this study for a long time - it made its rounds on the Net a while back. It's a selection thing. Anyway, the post had a link to pictures of what they claimed was a "I Look Like My Dog" contest (urban legend alert - I think it's more likely to be just a series of regular Cesar ads), including this one:

Update: some quick Googling shows that the idea that this is a dog-resemblance contest is almost certainly not true. Presumably the "winners of the 'I Look Like My Dog' contest line was meant to be facetious, but people have taken it seriously. In reality, these were ads done by ALMAP/BBDO Sao Paulo that won some Gold awards at the 2000 Cannes Lions (this page has pictures of the Gold Lion winners, which I verified against a list of Cannes Lions winners). The pics of the Gold Lion winners include a few ads that aren't in the original link, such as this one:

The tag line is pretty straightforward: "he may look like you, but he doesn't have to eat the same food".

Of course, the ad could just be publishing winners of a contest, but that sounds unlikely, as that seems hardly the kind of original work that wins you ad industry awards. And Lord knows why an ad from 2000 is only now making the Internet rounds, but that's the way things go.


T said…
I thought it was obvious - it's to get back at humans for eating hot dogs all their lives...
Daryl said…
You can't trust these German dogs, I tells ya!

Dachshunds were bred to chase badgers. Which probably means they know how to burrow.
Anonymous said…
I heard some one say if you live with someone long in enough, you'll start to look like them, so on the contuary, I don't think it is a revenge, but i believe it's reality...I mean it. Live with dogs long enough and you'll look like'em. This is a really wonderful site.
Anonymous said…
nice site. i spent a bit of time on here and enjoyed every minute.

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