Clever plays on words

I was amused by this tabloid headline: the New York Daily News proclaiming "Leona's small dog now a medium?"
Leona Helmsley's dog Trouble is a fluffy Maltese small enough to fit into her purse. But when Trouble barks, Leona listens. That's because the 84-year-old hotel queen is said to believe that her late husband, real-estate tycoon Harry Helmsley, communicates to her through the pooch.

Must be the world's most powerful Maltese.

If I recall correctly, I saw the Helmsley crypt that the article refers to when I was writing about the Woodlawn Cemetery for Let's Go. Impressive stuff. Contrary to stereotypes, the Bronx is surprisingly lush, what with Woodlawn and the Botanical Gardens. Still, my favourite New York cemetery to stroll in was definitely Green-Wood.


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