Chinese New Year, Day 2

Used to be, Day 2 was Day 1 redux: the family would gather at one of the relatives' houses. I have a big family - 40 cousins or so when you add up both sides - and so day 2 normally lets you meet some of those you missed on day 1. These days, though, we just putz around at home. Inertia has won.

Yesterday, the young'uns in the family offered oranges to the parents. That's three "kids": me, my brother, and Rerun the family dog. Cute to see Rerun looking like he was getting in the spirit, although really he was just trying to get at the oranges. (Big no-no, really: dogs shouldn't eat citrus fruit.)

Random thought: If you're Catholic and Chinese, how hard is it to give up good food for Lent?

Random thought the second: We call it "Chinese" New Year here in Singapore, but of course it's the Lunar New Year, which is celebrated by many of the cultures dotting this region. So, in the words of Krusty the Klown on the Simpsons, I wish any Vietnamese readers a tip-top Tet, and I wish everyone a wonderful Year of the Rooster.


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