Spent part of Saturday night watching Everton run rings round Villa. They really are Champions League material this season, and I couldn't be happier. Funny thing about Cahill, Osman, and Arteta is that they kind of have a pretty-boy look, but they definitely play tough...

Anyway, on to random things: via Indri, here's the Environmental Working Group Report on beauty / cosmetic products - find out which ones are dangerous for you... Edwyn Collins, frontman of Orange Juice and singer of "Girl Like You", had a severe brain haemorrhage. Get well soon... The New York Times has an article on Gary Brolsma, the random "Numa Numa" fat-dancing-guy... the Gadget Guy talks about the Tweel, Michelin's quite revolutionary new non-pneumatic tyre/wheel. A tyre without air! No more checking tyre pressure or fixing flats, and lots of space in the boot/trunk.


Unknown said…
When I first saw the photo at funpic, I thought it was just a joke.

Innovative! The idea sounds cool.

They even used the Segway Centaur in the photo gallery. Another cool gadget.

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