Looking through the 2005 Bloggies finalists, I found Satan's Laundromat, "a photolog of New York, with an emphasis on urban decay, strange signage, and general weirdness". Great stuff - the photos make me think of Luc Sante's writing sometimes, and these shots of Alphabet City brought back memories. They also make me think of the times I walked around NYC and all the moments I wish I could've captured on film: there was this point when I was walking on some side street off Boston Road in the Bronx and it was a sweltering summer day, with waves of heat rising up from the asphalt, and then I came by this group of boys cooling off in the jet spray of an open fire hydrant.

SL also points to this set of pics of giant pandas roaming Times Square, which I found amusing. Panda suits. Heh.


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