The div:clear tags problem fixed

Oh frabulous joy! Blogger has now fixed the problem of the div:clear tags - here's the permanent solution. The folks at Blogger explain it this way:
Before launch, the templates passed our tests but because of the open nature of Blogger templates, we weren't sure which kinds of template modifications were going to be affected. (Link)
To me this sounds like another way of saying they were in such a rush to launch Blogger Images that they didn't test the thing properly, given that it broke the layout of the Bluebird template, one of Blogger's own templates.

In any case I really don't think code should be added to blogs surreptitiously: some warning should've been given. What was it needed for, anyway? Flickr manages to post to Blogger blogs with alignment without screwing up layouts; heck, I've done it manually myself. And I wish there was an option for "no alignment"; now there's a nifty little "upload picture" button on Blogger, but I don't want any of these stupid default layouts. Grrr.


Anonymous said…
thanks for pointer!
Sivasothi said…
Yeah, thanks. Might have solved a mysterious font problem I was experiencing.

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