That Not So Fresh Feeling

Scented panties and underwear that, um, enhances a guy's look? The Village Voice wonders whether all this underwear innovation is any sort of progress. My question is, how embarrassing is it to be the model for Melon's scented panties? "Okay, honey, look sexy - now, I want you to act like you've finally got rid of that smell in your crotch!"


Okay, a woman's scent is supposed to be naturally not all that bad... unless I've been severely deluded all my life.

In any case, the non-crinkly tampon pouches? Brilliant.
Daryl said…
Yeah, it's weird that they've basically invented something new for people to get neurotic about.

As for the non-crinkly pouches - I can't say I've even heard a crinkly one...

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