Bob and Mark

I think the interesting part about Bob Woodward's article on his relationship with W. Mark Felt (aka Deep Throat - article reprinted in the Guardian) was the revelation that they'd known each other for a long time, even back in Woodward's Navy days:
During the year I spent on the Sentinel, I kept in touch with Felt through phone calls to his office and home. We were becoming friends of a sort. He was the mentor, keeping me from toilet-paper investigations, and I kept asking for advice. One weekend I drove out to his home in Virginia and met his wife, Audrey.
I guess I've only been a casual observer of the whole situation, but I don't recall people looking into the idea that Deep Throat knew Woodward in all the discussions about who Deep Throat was.

Meanwhile, these guys at UIUC have issued their mea culpa for guessing at the wrong guy.


I was under the assumption Deep throat was Kirsten Dunst and Michelle Phillips. Dick is one of my favorite movies. I show it to highschoolers studying Watergate. This has been an exciting week for current and former students.
The UI story was a big deal... "Yes! We got him!" Now, the two-par. retraction says: "Oh, yeah. Sorry. Guess we got that kinda wrong. Our bad."
Daryl said…
Dick is a great movie! And you mean Michelle Williams. (Says the avid Dawson's Creek fan...)

Michelle Phillips is one of the Mamas and Papas, yeah? Chynna's mother.

And yeah, the retraction is funny.
Anonymous said…
hey, i mentioned this before, jim hougan in secret agenda mentions their relationship but dimisses felt as throat.

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