Kids and cola

I don't drink coffee, but I stumbled on the Blog of a Coffee Addict, which seems to have branched out nicely into caffeinated-soda coverage - and one thing that almost everyone learns about me quickly is that I drink way more Coke and Pepsi than is good for me. (I did say I was fidgety...) Via the blog, I learnt that first graders have behavioural problems due to caffeinated sodas:
"The study shows why it is so important to completely evaluate young children who are having behavioral and emotional problems, and to review the child's dietary habits, including caffeinated beverages, as part of the evaluation," Dr. Fassler said. Although questions about caffeine consumption are typically part of the screen for anxiety disorders, pediatric insomnia, and ADHD, the findings are a reminder not to neglect this part of the evaluation.
That would suck, for a kid to be wrong misdiagnosed with an anxiety disorder when all he did was have too much Coke.


Badaunt said…
Not to mention the sugar high.

How much sugar is in one Coke? I've read 8 teaspoons and 11 teaspoons. Maybe the different numbers were for different size bottles/cans. Before I read that I used to feel a bit guilty about the one spoon of sugar I put in my coffee. Not now!

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