DJing tonight

Yup, pimping myself again:

Tonight, 8.30 onwards, I'm DJing (as "Slapdash") with Jon Fong ("Mocopops") at Hideout, 31B Circular Road (it's up the stairs behind Boat Quay). Gimme indie rock!! Oh, and do come up and say hi... if I'm busy trying to cue up the next song I apologise...

Mixtape Madness at Hideout

I predict a riot. Okay, no I don't, but that damned Kaiser Chiefs song is in my head.


meredith said…
dude. Pixies? Stars? Depeche Mode? Postal Service?

Anonymous said…
Why are the Kaiser Chiefs so popular? It's beyond me. Never mind... Anyway despite that it looks like my kinda night out. It's a shame that I nver found a night like this while I was over in s'pore last month!
Postal Service...Louis XIV... nice.

Too bad I'm on the other side of the world.

P.S. Mmm...Kaiser Chiefs.
Anonymous said…
... it can't be as "bug you all day long can't get it out of my head" annoying as Na Na Na Na Naa
Meadow said…
Have fun! :)
Daryl said…
Thanks for the good wishes, night went well! :)

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