Olympics 2012

Signs that Singapore is where the IOC is going to make its decision on where to host the 2012 Games are slowly creeping up around town. Last week, I passed by 2 billboards at the City Hall busstop extolling the virtues of Madrid as a potential host city. Then Straits Times had a long pullout section on Moscow. And I also picked up a couple of free "London 2012" postcards, featuring a marathon runner running by Tower Bridge. The postcard had the full number of pubs in London featured at the back. Apparently a criterion of a good Olympics host city is the ability to get quality ale. You know, because Guinness gives you strength or something.

As for the sports stars and celebs coming into town, the Brits are bringing in David Beckham (despite the fact that he supposedly first met an alleged lover here in Singapore - does Posh Spice have something to say about that?), and a quick search reveals that New York just announced that Muhammad Ali is coming. AWESOME.


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