Wednesday, 22 June 2005

Hot diggedy dog

I've never really been in favour of putting clothes on a dog for reasons other than warmth, so I can't decide if this is a cute or cruel way of dressing up a dachshund:

Hot dog costume

From, via puptastic!

I had a daschund so I'd say it's definitely mean and cruel ;)

Is this some kind of Chinese pun on ????

I don't have Chinese fonts installed on my computer, so you'll have to write that out in hanyu pinyin.

Having said that, I can assure you that I can't imagine having the linguistic faculty that making a pun in Chinese would involve.

cute, but somehow really, really sick.

So the other day I saw this daschund and as it passed I said to my friend, "Doesn't it look lovely? Like you could eat it. In a bun." And the middle-aged woman walking it turned around and said to me, "Yes... In a bun... mmmmmmm." I think I should just keep my mouth shut in future.

I also have a dachund and I think the hot dog costume is just cute!!

we have 2 dashhunds and one has this costume we think they are adorable and our babies are spoiled rotten. some of you need to lighten up. HUMOR is a great thing and no one is being hurt here sheeeeeeeeeeeesh!!!! get a sense of humor

Well, it would probably be a bit too heavy for the dog, so, a bit cruel, It looks sorta cute but, Unappetizing . So, no. I don't want to eat it. But really, if you saw a dog dressed like that walking down the street, or running in a park, You'd probably be... Scared. Probably not necessary to dress dogs anyway, but. People will still do it, no matter how silly thier dog looks.

i have a 8 year old dashound that

gets sick very often. the warm

clothes keeps her alive.


Well i think this is adorable for a halloween costume, but not for every day use.

well i have a doxon and i think this should only be put on for a little time because i could hurt the doxon but if this was for everyday use it would be bad to the pup.

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