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Quick thought since "Take Me Out" and "The Dark of the Matinee" popped onto my Winamp playlist: Franz Ferdinand do tempo shifts really well. I love their fast/slow song constructions - reminds me of the way the Pixies and Nirvana used to play with dynamics and use soft/loud oppositions...

Anyway, I moved a whole bunch of music files onto the new external HDD - and promptly realised iTunes now had 2 copies of every song. Ugh. I can't figure out why there's a way to find duplicate songs via Edit/Show Duplicate Songs, but not the logical follow-up of removing the duplicates from the playlist. Will try out idleTunes to see if that works.

The fun part of all this is I forgot I had a recording of "Oor Hamlet" on my computer, which is Hamlet set to a ballad:
When Laertes heard his dad's killed in the bedroom in the arras,
He came running back to Elsinore tout-suite hot-foot from Paris.
When Ophelia heard her dad's killed by the man she was to marry,
After saying it with flowers, she committed hari-kari
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Dude, Franz Ferdinand rocks my socks. And listening to "Michael" is a turn-on and I'm not even a gay man. That must be some kind of accomplishment.
7-8 said…
Yeah, but I still get a chuckle every now and then when I listen to "Take Me Out" and Led Zep's "Trampled Underfoot" side by side.

Maybe I'll make a list of "songs that were inspired by other songs" sometime soon.

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