Saturday, 11 June 2005

Keeping it all in

eBay purchases take over house

I spent a good part of yesterday cleaning up the room, and so it's clear to me that I'm a pack rat - but this is on a scale far, far beyond anything I've ever done.

Kleptomaniac loves eBay. *Shivers*

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my mouth is still hanging wide open...

I suddenly feel much, much better about my house.

i cant imagine myself living in such a house.

think i will mmost probably suffocate from the lack of air..and space..

"Kleptomaniac" is not fair. There's a different name for this problem--hoarding. It's a subset of OCD, and appears to have a chemical basis. Which is incredibly sad--but let me point out, in this woman's defense, that the hoarded items are arranged in some kind of order, and the place isn't knee-high in dirty plates and cat shit, like the homes of some people with this problem.

I'm not saying this is right or good. But someone close to me suffers from the same problem, so I'm rather sensitive about name-calling.

And yes, eBay can be a terrible thing for these folks.

It's true, hoarding is a very different problem from kleptomania... although isn't kleptomania also chemical in origin?

im 13 and my parents complain about my room. like if I leave a sock on my floor im grounded for 2 weeks. so i have never seen any thing so messy!

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