The toilet restaurant

I know people say things like "our bathroom is so clean you could eat off it", but this is most bizarre: Marton, a restaurant in Taiwan with toilet-themed decor, and worse, toilet-theme food (the name's a clear pun on ma tong i.e. toilet).
For anyone missing the point, diners are encouraged to stir up mushy, earth-colored offerings like curry chicken rice and chocolate ice cream to conjure up -- well, the real thing. (Link)
I suppose if you're a coprophile there's some joy to this, but how in the world is this a hit? Apparently it's so popular that there's a new branch. I can imagine the scenes in the restaurant now:
Customer: "Your food tastes like shit."
Waiter: "Why, thank you sir."
And how would you even know where the real bathroom is? What if you end up ruining the furniture?


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