Mirando Al Cielo

Yesterday night, I watched Mirando Al Cielo, a really cool interpretive dance show from Producciones Imperdibles, outside Raffles City. I totally chanced upon the show - was walking to the MRT from Funan, my spankin'-new 160 GB hard drive in hand. Mirando al Cieno means "looking to the sky", and indeed, that's what us audience members did: the stage was transparent pyrex, and we were seated under the stage in these deckchair-like seats and watched the dances unfold against the night sky and the Raffles City backdrop. Since we weren't allowed to take photos, the pic below, taken from a set of photos of the Cultural Festival of Albacete back in April 2004, shows kind of what it's like. Pure visual pleasure.

Mirando al Cielo

Interpretive dance always intrigues me. I'm really fidgety and I tend to backtrack and wander a lot, so to watch these dancers with their extreme control of their bodies is a study in contrasts. Every step they take is planned, every move they make is deliberate, a contribution to the look and feel of the piece. Such physicality.

Another photo of Mirando Al Cielo from 2004, by Ray Pettit

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