Friday, 17 June 2005

Lauren Lauren

So, besides Paris Hilton getting engaged to Paris Latsis, Lauren Bush (daughter of Jeb Neil) is apparently dating David Lauren (son of Ralph). (I know, I know, I'm behind on the celebrity news.) Which means there's a chance that if they get married and she takes his last name (you know, coming from a traditional family and all that) she could become Lauren Lauren. Weird. The only predecessor I can think of is Sirhan Sirhan, and that's hardly an association you want with a political family.

Of course, they could always use Ralph Lauren's original surname, Lipschitz, but you're not really going to buy a Polo Ralph Lipschitz T-shirt are you?

I DEFINITELY would buy said shirt.

Butros Butros?

Boutros Boutros is a good one too!

Like boing boing?

Anyway Lipschitz is a brand name. A function f satisfies the Lipschitz condition if there is a bound, M, such that |f(x) - f(y)| < M |x - y|, for all x, y.

Quite what it's used for I'm not sure, although it has to do with differential equations or Newton's method or something like that. Point is, I thought that Lipschitz is a cool name and I bothered to learn the Lipschitz condition, so it's an alright brand name, although not really for overpriced casual wear.

Lauren Bush is the daughter of Neil Bush, not Jeb. I don't think Neil holds political office.

Oops. I'll correct accordingly.

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