And so it goes

Another Sunday night, and the weekend slips away, like a lover on a secret assignation, hardly stopping to linger, hardly allowing a moment to savour it. Where does the time go?

I was thinking back on the two Sundays I spent in Germany. Everything is closed on Sundays in Bonn, so on both days I took strolls around the silent town, all shops shuttered, their locks a bulwark against the creeping in of relentless capitalism. The Mango store in the town centre was closed - a sharp contrast to the hordes I passed by at Raffles City yesterday queueing for yet another sale. I've always thought of myself as an urban person, and yet I felt recharged by the whole experience.

I can't say I've had a particularly busy weekend, but for some reason in Singapore I tend to feel the need to scurry around every weekend doing things, being productive. I guess I need to disengage, to flee from the must-dos.


Anonymous said…
A weekend filled with Taiwanese and Hongkong drama serials ought to be classified as productive.

I am at the workplace now; feeling fresh enough to go to your site and prepare to "fight the tigers" later.

Yes, 3 meetings to attend and 6 tasks on the list. Target to finish to free myself on Wednesday night. ;)

Anonymous said…
Yup yup - remember...? Get a hotel room on your own, put on the DND sign and sleep the weekend away in undisturbed slumber... - dream weekend-

I've always wanted to travel through Europe... fancy-schmancy, Daryl.

And productivity is so overrated.
Agagooga said…
Sloth is good.

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