Thursday, 23 June 2005

Coconut turns one


So Coconut, world's cutest dog, turns one today. That's him, 7 weeks old or so, when he first came into our lives. He was so small then... not even 3 pounds. Now he's a big boy. And his dad loves him lots, and wishes him the happiest of birthdays.

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Happy birthday, Coconut! :)

Coconut thought he died and went to heaven =P Happy Bday puppy dog!

are westies hard to maintain?? was thinking of getting a dog... but i was worried of not being a good dog owner and end up hurting the dog... :(

all the best!!


Happy birthday to Coconut! The World's Cutest Dog!

Thanks for all the well wishes!

And YL - depends on what you mean by "hard to maintain". Westies and Cairn terriers (very similar breeds) are very affectionate dogs, so they like to have you around as much as possible, but they're also fairly independent.

oh what i meant by "hard to maintain" is that some dogs are not native dogs. they are dogs that is used to living in a temperate country and big spaces. so if they are cooped up in a small flat, they would get depressed and upset. i understand the bigger breeds are definitely out. but i heard that some of the smaller breeds are somewhat like this too. so i am not too sure. i dont want to mess up a dog's life...

all the best!!


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