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Look, y'all pervs. If you type "singapore blog girl" into Google, the first hit is probably the one you're looking for. Not my baseball or my arts review blogs, even if they're among the first few hits you get...

Actually, I don't have any Singaporean readers. Okay, that's not true. But a good majority (75%) of my readers hail from out of this here country, at least judging by the geographical locations of readers of this site, although of course it could just be friends of mine scattered from across the world. So I'm always intrigued by blogs that are written in Singapore, but often only tangentially about Singapore, such as John & Belle Have a Blog or Snog Blog.

I guess some people use the Internet to connect with immediate neighbours, while others use it to connect outside borders, and who's to say what's better? I suppose I'm part of the latter group, with the "connecting outside Singapore" part being also true of the Internet forums to which I belong - Barbelith, the Sons of Sam Horn, and Boston Sports Media Watch, among others.


Anonymous said…
Firstly, I would like to point out to you that not all people who google 'singapore blog girl' are pervs.(And your blog doesn't remotely resemble any of the blogs belonging to Singaporean girls =) Not that you would want it to....)

Secondly, I'm sure more Singaporeans than you know actually read your blog. And dear sir, just so that you know, there are loads of blogs out there written in Singapore about Singapore! Only that the quality of English used in many of the blogs is pretty dodgy.

I'm not too sure about the internet bridging the world together. I've always thought of the intenet as a double edged sword. I think that it actually widens the gap between people who live within a community. (Think of all those times when you have sent an email or text on the phone when you could have just called or even talked to the other person? I know I'm guilty of that...)
Funny how technology have improved so much to enhance communication but yet we do not communicate as much as we really should.

However, I cannot discount the fact that the internet also serves to bridge the gap between people all over the world.

Anyway, just so that you know that I actually do enjoy reading your blog, and I'm a Singaporean. So there,a Singaporean who reads your posts. The articles posted are intellectual enough for leisure reading. I guess bloggers have different agendas and motives for having a blog. For many, it's really an outlet for their musings or gripes on life. However, it does get a bit irritating to read idle ramblings of what-nots.
Daryl said…
Heh... it's just that lately I've had people stumble onto one of my blogs by entering that into Google.

Oh, of course I know all about the blogs written in Singapore about Singapore - that's why I help out in! :) What I meant was I'm intrigued more by those blogs that are written in Singapore but are non-site specific, to borrow a term from art.

Thanks so much for reading. It means a lot to me.

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