Must Love Dogs

Must Love Dogs

Okay, I'm a sucker for cheesy romantic comedies anyway, but man - Must Love Dogs sounds like it was calculated to make me fork out good money to see it... John Cusack? Check. The smoking hot Diane Lane? Check. (And plus points for a romantic comedy where the female lead is older than the male one.) And dogs being the centre of the plot. Sounds good.

Only worry is that the film has pesky little preschool kids in them. Kids in movies = too many cheeseball "lookhowcutetheyarearen'ttheyaren'tthey" moments. Anyway, it's opening 29 July in the US, so I hope it reaches our shores sometime around then.

Yeah, that's the weak hole in my film reviewing credibility, a willingness to accept cheesy rom-coms. Actually, I feel like most film critics have that specific weak spot: Peter Travers at Rolling Stone will give 4 stars to anything that seems to be trying to be artsy, for instance...

Anyway, if I ever had to write a personal, I guess that "must love dogs" part would have to be part of the whole shebang.


Anonymous said…
I so agree. I can't wait for this movie.

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