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Big Smile I love this project - putting up art in vacant storefronts in Downtown Crossing, in Boston. I'm pretty sure I saw something similar to that recently - was it here in Singapore or over in Bonn? Dagnabit, can't remember. Anyway, no one loses here - place looks more upmarket, artists get publicity. One thing I've always thought is that those large grey concrete pillars of the MRT line should become canvases for Singaporean artists.

Anyhoo, "Big Smile", the lime-green smiley face that stops smiling when someone walks by, seems like a pure fun piece of art.

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mis_nomer said…
Have you seen the "art" on the walls of Outram MRT? The ones with the squiggly amoeba-like scratches and protruding malformed body parts? Really, it would have been better off left blank.

But lime-green smiley face that stops smiling when people walk by is cool...

Oh, and the art in the tunnel between City Hall MRT and Esplande is cool too.
tscd said…
You probably have come across this website in your travels across the Web It's an archive of street art in New York. It's wicked.
Daryl said…
Come across the Wooster Collective? I've already blogged about it!

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