Fruit executions

Two nights ago, I had the most surreal dream. I was being forced by jackbooted thugs to watch executions. Of fruit. First came the tomato. Guillotined. Then the banana. Similarly guillotined, lengthwise. And I remember feeling horrified in the dream. And that's about all I remember.

I'm not even going to try to psychoanalyse any of that. I'm just going to blame random residual guilt from throwing away a banana that may or may not have been too ripe to eat. Sorry, Mr or Ms Banana.

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Indri said…
Wow, you just made me remember a dream I had a few years ago. I'd gone on a date or two with this guy, and I dreamt that he was making me participate in a Weather Underground-style bombing of some government building or another. Except that instead of bombs, we were sneaking...cantelopes, I think...into the building.

Exploding cantelopes.
Daryl said…
Cantelope... can't elope... maybe your unconscious was telling you something about the guy.
Indri said…
Maybe. But not as loudly as my waking consciousness, which was screaming stay away!

One of my cats puked on a new boyfriend's clothing once, speaking of subtle messages. She turned out to be right about him.
Um... a banana being sliced open lengthwise? Paging Lorena Bobbit... ouch.

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