Blogger and div tags

This is weird, Blogger just started adding these random div tags before and after my posts:

<div style="clear: both;"></div>
<div style="clear:both; padding-bottom: 0.25em;"></div>

Which is annoying, because that adds a whole little bit of white space that was totally not meant to be there. Will investigate.

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Laughingcow said…
I noticed that too. I don't think they understand the importance of homogeneity. Grr.
JM said…
"Just started" as in "in the last 15 minutes" ? Because I've posted to two blogspot blogs and haven't seen it happen to me. I would be very perturbed if it did. Will investigate also.
Daryl said…
Well, it's happened since this morning Singapore time for me, so that's about 12 hours ago. Very annoying!
JM said…
Very strange indeed. If you notice that it goes away, will you post as such?
Daryl said…
Yup, will definitely update as necessary. As you can see, there's entirely too much white space between the end of the post and the "posted by Daryl" part.
JM said…
I'm now seeing it as well, luckily not affecting me as much as poor stephen newton but...this sure isn't cool.
Unknown said…
A fix via

div { clear: none !important; }

Put that into your CSS file/template, and you're fixed. It may crock some other stuff up (my comments aren't looking as pretty at the moment as they were, but this also turns out to be a problem I'm having with my comments to start with, so... )
zhi yang said…
it also screwed up my site's design. thanks for the heads up.
Unknown said…
Blogger Status just updated the site to describe the reason.
Daryl said…
The solution is here. Took them 3 days (admittedly over the weekend) to admit there was an issue.

Grr. There's no reason Blogger should be inserting code without warning.

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