The clear:both bug

What is perhaps most annoying about the Blogger issue with adding the div{clear:both} tags is that it's been more than 24 hours since many bloggers first blogged about it and Blogger hasn't even admitted that there's a problem. The last post on Blogger Status remains firmly stuck on 17 June 2005, even though there's a post on the Blogger home page dated 24 June 2005 12:07pm jauntily telling people about the launch of Blogger images. Yeah, fine and dandy that you can now upload images via Blogger (even though they won't let you upload onto your own server, apparently) but how useful is that when the look and feel of various Blogger-based blogs is being affected by these new insertions?

Blogger Forum - workarounds for the bug


Unknown said…
Actually, as I found out when I did my Friday cat blogging, when I do upload a picture, it uploads to your own server. And it appairently adds it's own thumbnail too. As I have my own system, I just uploaded the pictures (thumbnail and full size) myself via file upload, which still works.

And yes, I'm still wondering when the hell they are going to even acknowledge that things are broke.
zhi yang said…
"Hi there,

Thanks for your patience. A bug is being addressed by the development team to resolve the issue you're having. Please be assured that the bug will be fixed soon. I apologize for any inconvenience it may have caused.


Blogger Support"

Someone wrote to Blogger regarding the issue and this is the reply. They admitted it's their problem already.
Daryl said…
Well, I wish they would update Blogger Status, which should be where they acknowledge bugs.

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