Indie records

Thanks to stumbling upon fleng's blog, I've discovered Straits Records, an indie record store in Singapore. Yeah, I've been so swamped in the new job that I've been a bit out of the loop - did I really miss this? Anyway, the list of LPs newly in the store is definitely intriguing enough - the Arcade Fire's Funeral, Gregory Isaac's Night Nurse (nice reggae selection) - that it looks to be on the list for a weekend excursion...

Damnit, just when I thought I'd left my crate-digging addiction, they pull me back in.


Ahmad said…
As Samuel L Jackson once said (or at least Dave Chappelle as Sam Jackson), "Good muthaf***** choice, muthaf****!"

Straits Record also put out some records of their own, although none on vinyl, I believe.

You wouldn't happen to know how much their LPs go for generally, would you? Might consider going down and checking out myself.

Course, then I'd have to get myself a turntable, darn it.

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