Putting Descartes before the whores

iPod, Descartes, the whole shebang
ipod therefore i am
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Randomly surfing through Flickr, I found this photo of an "i-Buy i-Pod therefore i-Am" graffito in the Lower Haight that I thought nicely captured a troubling aspect of consumer society: that one's self-definition is often all too tied up with the products one owns.

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As much as I detest the consumerist, materialistic society we all live in today, I get suckered into it too.

You'll see what I mean if you take a look at my other blog. Oy.
Daryl said…
Oy vey. It's hard to avoid the trappings of consumerism innit?

I just thought the graffito was appropriate: yeah, the iPod is cool and all, but really, what does it matter if you fill it with Britney Spears or Avril Lavigne songs?

Um, apologies if you like either of those two. :)
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*hack*gasp*cough* Britney Spears? Avril Lavigne?

Sir, I am offended. (Well not really, because admittedly, I do enjoy that one song "Toxic". But ONLY that one song.)

I've already got 115 Nine Inch Nails songs ready for that sexy hunk of metal, for starters.
I pondered the ubiquitout "i" prefix awhile back. If you check it out, read qflux's comments. Pretty funny.
Dude, just read your post title. A thing of beauty.
Daryl said…
screwy: "Toxic" is testament to the wonders good production can do. And yeah, I didn't see you as a teenybopper type, but I figured better to cover my bases.

eric: Thanks for noticing the pun! :)
T-Boy said…
Cute pun.

Yeah, what do you expect? We killed god years ago, and the only thing that'll fill the void he left is more and more and more and more and more and more swag.


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