Smoke on the water

Plaza Singapura fire

So I see there was a fire at Plaza Singapura yesterday, which inspired me to drag this old picture out... On 23 Feb, I went down to Plaza Singapura to pick some stuff up from the optician, and then suddenly, all these grey panels dropped down, blocking the escalator. Fire! At first I thought it was just a fire drill, but peeking in between the panels there was definitely the acrid smell of smoke in the air. Since they didn't ask us to evacuate, but the escalators and lifts were shut off, I stayed on the 4th floor. And two floors below people were merrily eating at Secret Recipe, oblivious to the commotion. Quite funny, really.


dogfather said…
was there...the organisation was appalling. everyone tried to go down the escalators (which should have been turned off anyway)and because it was crowded, we were all getting mashed at the bottom of each escalator and falling on each other. In the end we took the stairs--there was no one else using the stairs.
Daryl said…
Hmm. How come those panels that dropped down in the earlier fire and blocked people from using the escalator didn't drop down in your case?

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