Lauren Lauren

So, besides Paris Hilton getting engaged to Paris Latsis, Lauren Bush (daughter of Jeb Neil) is apparently dating David Lauren (son of Ralph). (I know, I know, I'm behind on the celebrity news.) Which means there's a chance that if they get married and she takes his last name (you know, coming from a traditional family and all that) she could become Lauren Lauren. Weird. The only predecessor I can think of is Sirhan Sirhan, and that's hardly an association you want with a political family.

Of course, they could always use Ralph Lauren's original surname, Lipschitz, but you're not really going to buy a Polo Ralph Lipschitz T-shirt are you?


Michael McClung said…
I DEFINITELY would buy said shirt.
T said…
Butros Butros?
Daryl said…
Boutros Boutros is a good one too!
7-8 said…
Like boing boing?

Anyway Lipschitz is a brand name. A function f satisfies the Lipschitz condition if there is a bound, M, such that |f(x) - f(y)| < M |x - y|, for all x, y.

Quite what it's used for I'm not sure, although it has to do with differential equations or Newton's method or something like that. Point is, I thought that Lipschitz is a cool name and I bothered to learn the Lipschitz condition, so it's an alright brand name, although not really for overpriced casual wear.
Anonymous said…
Lauren Bush is the daughter of Neil Bush, not Jeb. I don't think Neil holds political office.
Daryl said…
Oops. I'll correct accordingly.

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